Darwin’s Chairlift and Skiing Brigade

Darwin notes with circumspect glee that the only things worse about skiing other than getting up at Zero-dark:30 to pack all of your crap for the skiing trip, are driving through a blizzard on snow-covered, icy roads just to get to even more snow, or the frigid-brrrr!! cold, or the crappy parking in between slush mountains, or the super expensive lift tickets, or the assholes that can actually ski that get all the girls, or all of the people and trees destined to get in your way, or the stupid boots, or that frozen rope of snot hanging from your nose, or the lines for the chairlift, is the actual chairlift ride itself — and that’s an ‘effing bitch.

Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors