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Texas Democrats in DC is a ‘super-spreader,’ doctor says Psaki ‘refusing to acknowledge a medical reality’

FoxNews–They came to fight a Republican-backed voting bill. Now the group of renegade Texas Democrats is fighting COVID-19. At least 6 of the 55 Texas Democrats have tested positive for coronavirus — and so have 2 Washingtonians.

And the White House is wrestling the idea that their lobbying efforts might have created a coronavirus super-spreader event.

The group of state lawmakers flew in to Washington, D.C., last week in order to lobby the Senate for a Democrat-sponsored voting bill that would quash the type of legislation their home-state Republican counterparts are currently trying to push through. Many of them shared the same charter jet – from which they posted a maskless selfie.

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CDC Discovers Snakes Can Contract COVID

Especially Democratic ‘snakes’ running from their Constitutional duties…

FoxNews–Two more Texas Democrats have tested positive for coronavirus during their trip to Washington, D.C., just one day after three of their colleagues learned they had contracted the virus as well.

According to the Texas Tribune, the number of COVID-positive Texas state lawmakers in the nation’s capital is now five. The news comes on the same day that Vice President Kamala Harris dropped by Walter Reed Medical Center for a “routine” visit after meeting with the group of lawmakers just last week.

The group of Democrats fled the Lone Star State to deny Republicans in the state legislature a quorum, which refers to the minimum number of lawmakers needed to carry out legislative business.

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