Elizabeth “I’m gonna get me a beer” Warren Out ‘Betos’ Beto


Walls Are Good Enough For Clinton, Pelosi and Feinstein…

And the Obamas, and even Mad Maxine Waters, but not for you and me? How does that work anyway?


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Beavis and Butthead Christmas


The Grinch Has A First Name – Chuck


Ho’ No, Michelle O’!! Say It’s Not So…

The Gateway Pundit reports, “Michelle Obama Flaunts Thigh-High Sequin Streetwalker Boots on Book Tour.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw in the highly popular TV series “Sex and the City,” had an obsession with high end shoes and boots, so the TV star gushed over Michelle Obama’s over-the-top thigh-high boots.

Didn’t write a ‘best-seller’ and don’t have the big bucks ($4000) to blow on boots…? Well, as some famous cable network opinionator says, “Let not your heart be troubled”, because there is a low-cost solution from Ho’s R Us – err… The Upscale Stripper. For a little over a hundred $Bucks you can have your very own pair of the Michelle O’ knockoffs.  The only kicker is that you have to fight Barry O’ for them.


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