Venezuela to Flint, MI – Hold My Beer….err, Water

As mentioned in an earlier post, “Venezuela – Just Another Democratic-Socialist Shithole” has drinking water straight out of a ‘socialist’ sewer. But meanwhile in Flint, MI the “Newest testing shows lead in Flint water at lowest level since water crisis started.” So the question of the day is, “Would you like your drinking water flavored with a little ‘lead’ or a little ‘poop’?


Venezuela – Just Another Democratic-Socialist Shithole

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic-Socialist and former bartender, have a drink of what Socialism brought the Venezuelans.  Then take your case of dysentery to a hospital in Caracas – that is, assuming there’s any electricity, clean water, or medical supplies left in the city.

Reuters reports, “Desperate Venezuelans swarm sewage drains in search of water.

As Venezuela’s five-day power blackout left homes without water, Lilibeth Tejedor found herself looking for it on Monday in the last place she would have imagined – a drain pipe feeding into a river carrying sewage through the capital, Caracas.

Unlike the fetid liquid flowing through the Guaire river, the water emerging from the pipe was at least clear. Those who gathered to collect it said the water had been released by local authorities from reservoirs.

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Omar – “Trump Isn’t Human”

Let’s see if I can understand the irony here. Democrats write laws that “allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun“, but think it’s OK for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to say Trump isn’t human, Rep. Omar on comparing Trump to Obama: Silly to equate the two, one is human the other is clearly not‘”.  If Trump isn’t human, what is he Ms. Omar?  An Infidel dog?  An Ape?  What?

Can you imagine the furor had President Trump intimated that Ms. Omar was less than human?  You would be talking about a supernova type explosion of the first magnitude.


Need a New Diet Plan? Try Socialism

Tired of paying those big $Bucks for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or NutriSystem diet plans that don’t work because your end up eating an entire month’s worth of food portions in a week?  No willpower?  Remove temptation and remove the need for any willpower or self-restraint.  Vote for Socialism.  That’s right!  A vote for Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or any of the other taggers-on pretenders) could mean that you might lose more weight than you ever thought possible.  And the only workout needed is to pull that voting lever for a Democrat.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Green New Deal’ Rollout