Dwarf Tossing .50 Caliber Style

**WARNING** **WARNING** This is a GRAPHIC Demonstration of “Newton’s Third Law of Motion” which states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if object A (a .50 Caliber munition) explodes and exerts a force on object B (the .50 Caliber rifle), then object B will subsequently pass the axis of that force to objects D1 and D2 (Dwarf 1 and Dwarf 2). Notice how consistently the forces are exerted on the different objects.

Click for GRAPHIC DEMONSTRATION of Newton’s Third Law

The Third Law can be used to explain the recoil and lift a .50 Caliber Rifle generates on the two volunteers for this important SCIENTIFIC Experiment. As always, we note that no dwarves were harmed or injured during this experiment, but do to it’s graphic nature you must click the picture to view the experiment.

**Dwarf Tossing – Laws may prohibit dwarf-tossing implicitly, but there are not explicit laws preventing a consenting dwarf from being ‘tossed’.

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