Biden To Build Trump’s Border Wall Back Better… WAT!!??!!

In Case You Forgot…

Biden quietly sells off border wall parts to thwart GOP push to use them

New York Post–The Biden administration is quietly auctioning off millions of dollars’ worth of unused parts from former President Trump’s border wall for peanuts – in an apparent end-run around pending legislation in Congress.

Ooopsie, Now… The Biden administration bypasses 26 federal laws to build additional border wall in South Texas amid political pressure

CNN–The Biden administration will waive 26 laws to build additional border barriers in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a notice posted to the Federal Register Wednesday, citing “high illegal entry.”

President Joe Biden – who, as a candidate, vowed that there will “not be another foot” of border wall constructed on his watch – has been plagued by issues on the border since his first months in office, when the US faced a surge of unaccompanied migrant children that caught officials flatfooted. Over the last two years, his administration has continued to face fierce pushback from Republicans – and at times, Democrats – over his immigration policies.

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