Houston. We Have A Problem….

Not to worry.  Those are just the extra Chicago ballots from Kennedy v. Nixon in 1960.

The drama behind President Kennedy’s 1960 election win

Constitution Daily–The race between Kennedy and Nixon had been close all fall. The candidates were tied in a late August Gallup poll, and Kennedy took a three-point lead after his historic TV debate performances. But Nixon gained momentum heading into Election Day, and he cut Kennedy’s lead to one percentage point in a poll taken four days before the election.

Kennedy defeated Nixon when votes were finally counted in the Electoral College, by a margin of 303 to 219. But in the popular vote, Kennedy won by just 112,000 votes out of 68 million cast, or a margin on 0.2 percent.

So arguments persist to this day about vote-counting in two states, specifically Illinois (where Kennedy won by 9,000 votes) and Texas (where Kennedy won by 46,000 votes). If Nixon had won those two states, he would have defeated Kennedy by two votes in the Electoral College.

Broward County Needs More Democrat Votes

Who are you gonna call?  FedEx, of course.  When you absolutely, positively have to get those extra blank ballots to the secret counting room before the election.  Mike Cernovich reports that “Florida Election Officials [were] Caught Filling Out Absentee Ballots, Affidavit Alleges #FloridaFraud“.

fedex_dems_delivering_votesFlorida voters have complained that they have not been receiving their requested absentee ballots. We may now know the reason why. According to a former Secretary of Elections Department employee, there is a secret room where Democrat insiders fill out those absentee ballots.

The woman provided her sworn testimony via affidavit.