Erik Wemple Accuses Sean Hannity Of Being A Partisan ‘Opinion’ Leader

The Washington Post’s, so-called Media Critic, Erik Wemple, accuses FoxNews’ Sean Hannity, of being corruptly biased in his column, “Sean Hannity comes face to face with his own corruption.”  Mr. Wimpie wrote,

Sean Hannity is a study in certainty. The mainstream media is corrupt. President Trump is a patriot and a fabulous president who has followed through on his campaign promises, despite a deep state dead set on his undoing. Democrats are awful. Absolutism, meet your designated television-news emissary.

The truth is that Erik Wimpie hates anyone on FoxNews, especially since the time he was totally ‘owned’ during his appearance with FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson. Despite repeated offers to have a showdown with Carlson, mano-a-mano, Wimpie prefers to snipe at the FoxNews talent from afar.

Wimpie continues.

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Erik Wemple, WaPo’s Resident ‘Dim Bulb’ Pontificates On White House Briefing

The lack of Erik Wemple’s capacity for critical thinking is jaw-dropping. He cheers FakeNews CNN and FakeNews MSNBC for ditching a Sarah Sanders White House Briefing that “included national security adviser John Bolton, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow.” Discussing Venezuela. A revolution, or coup, in our Western Hemisphere. Affecting all of us.  Smart. That certainly seems like a smart choice, Erik. Let’s dig Michael Avenatti out of whatever hole he’s crawled into and put him on another hundred times.

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