GOPe Testing Support for Third Party Candidacy

The Washington Post is breathlessly reporting that “Inside the GOP effort(s are being made) to draft an independent candidate to derail Trump“.

A band of exasperated Republicans — including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a handful of veteran consultants and members of the GOP_Elites_Support_3rd_Partyconservative intelligentsia — is actively plotting to draft an independent presidential candidate who could keep Donald Trump from the White House.

These GOP figures are commissioning private polling, lining up major funding sources and courting potential contenders, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republicans involved in the discussions. The effort has been sporadic all spring but has intensified significantly in the 10 days since Trump effectively locked up the Republican nomination.


The ABC’s of GOPe’s

Snagged from the Free Republic :


It really is _us_ conservatives vs THEM in the establishment. And I don’t mean “established”. Just because someone gets elected, yes, they get GOPe_Elephant_In_Room_Wallpapered‘established’ in their various positions and offices. But “The Establishment” is a specific group, they are the


of the republican party. But why do we conservatives have so much disdain for the establishment? It’s because they are


Of people like Obama, or Reid, or anybody else. How often do you hear someone like Pelosi get up on the house floor in order to pitch for the latest big government push and the phrase “…… that democrats and republicans have supported…….” comes out of their mouth?(or a phrase just like it)

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