‘Haunch of Acosta’

For today’s White House Press Briefing luncheon, Chef Sarah will both prepare your meal, and, especially in the case of FakeNews CNN’s Jim Acosta, serve it up cold. The feature entree, a prime ‘haunch of Acosta’, will be served ‘ a la tartare’ with a sprinkling of Worcester sauce and ground pepper.  Bibs and handi-wipes will be available upon request.

CNN and NBC Dueling For FakeNews Supremacy

CNN’s entry into the FakeNews Award Roundup for today is their report, “White House worried FBI director could quit over Nunes memo release“.

Top White House aides are worried FBI Director Christopher Wray could quit if the highly controversial Republican memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance tools is released, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN.

And ‘in the other corner’, NBC’s entry into the FakeNews Award Roundup is  Pete Williams’ reporting exactly the opposite–No way is Wray quitting.

BREAKING: FBI Director Chris Wray has no intention of quitting if controversial House Intel memo is released despite his objections, @PeteWilliamsNBC reports

FBI Director Wray has no intention of quitting if controversial House memo is released, despite objections, senior FBI official tells @PeteWilliamsNBC. http://nbcnews.to/2DRB5Y5

So which fine Mainstream Media Organization will win the FakeNews Roundup Award for today. I suspect we will learn that tomorrow when the memo is released.  Here’s how I handicap the race…


FakeNews CNN’s Jim Acosta Is Getting Snarky Again

At least you’re consistent, Jim. You take a pounding for being a weasel day in and day out, and you just keep being a weasel.

FakeNews CNN’s Reporter Jim Acosta

**Disclaimer-The family Mustelidae (which also includes badgers, otters, and wolverines) is often referred to as the “weasel family”.  The ‘hair’ resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think?

FakeNews CNN Discovers New Racist Triggering Product

This is just one more example of “white privilege’ in action. Here’s proof that white people will exploite an entire race of people just so their lily-white cracker heads don’t have to be subjugated to the sound of their headache remedy rattling around in a bottle.  Thanks CNN for this Breaking FakeNews.

These Liberals suck the life out of life…