‘Effing Politically Correct ABC Isn’t Worth The Used Toilet Paper I Wipe My Coronavirus Inspired Ass With

In the middle of Armageddon, or at least the Zombie Apocalypse, the only thing ABC News can bring to the table is criticizing President Trump for calling the disease the “Chinese Coronavirus”? Fucking idiots. I can’t wait for Angela Merkel to call Stephanopoulos and the other hacks at ABC and tell them “You vill not call the German Measles the German Measles….”

George Stephanopoulos Wants To Slit Jay Sekulow’s Throat

Watch the look on Stephanopoulos’ face and tell me he doesn’t despise everything Trump.

From Breitbart, “Watch: George Stephanopoulos Makes Throat-Slitting Gesture to Cut Away from Trump Lawyer.

ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos made a throat-slitting gesture to cut away from Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow during live coverage of the Senate’s impeachment trial Thursday.

George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Telling ABC Studio to Cut Off Trump Defense Attorney

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