Governor DeSantis – “Almost 100% Of Florida Power Restored”

How Many EV Power Repair Trucks Worked Hurricane Ian?  Just Asking For A Friend…

Eat you heart out Governor Gavin ‘Hairdo’ Newsom

Customers Tracked: 11,087,519 Customers Out: 20,683 Last Updated: 2022-10-09 08:44:04 AM

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StreetArt – Gavin Newsom, California Psycho

Jeez!! His teeth are really ‘California’ white.  Do you think the Governor’s Dentist opened the Office up special?  Or maybe just made a housecall?

Gavin Newsom – California Psycho

Breitbart–Sabo put up his latest street art series in Venice Beach, Hollywood, and other high-traffic destinations around L.A. County. One poster shows Gov. Newsom as the Christian Bale character from the 2000 movie American Psycho, renamed “California Psycho.”

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