Is ChatGPT A ‘Never Trumper’?

Maybe, Maybe Not… But ‘Chattie’ or ‘Chatty’ is not nearly as clever as “They??” think.

“Golden Handcuffs” by ChatGPT

The world was shocked today as former President Donald Trump was arrested and booked into jail. In a stunning turn of events, Trump was apprehended by the FBI while playing golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. When asked for comment, Trump reportedly replied, “I always said I was a great golfer, and now I’ve got the record for the most handcuffs on a golf course.”

As news of the arrest spread, crowds gathered outside the jail, chanting “Lock him up!” and “Orange is the new black!” One protester held a sign that read, “Even the walls of his cell will be better decorated than the White House.” Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers insisted that he was innocent and claimed that the charges were politically motivated. In a statement, they said, “This is nothing more than a witch hunt by the radical left. We will fight these baseless allegations with every tweet we’ve got.”

Inside the jail, Trump reportedly struggled to adjust to his new surroundings. He complained about the lack of gold fixtures in his cell and demanded to speak to the warden’s supervisor. When he was told that he would be served a standard prison meal, consisting of bologna sandwiches and fruit cocktail, he exclaimed, “I’ve had better food at McDonald’s! This is an outrage!” However, his mood improved when he realized that he would be getting a new wardrobe, consisting of an orange jumpsuit and matching shoes.

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Open The Pod Bay Doors, HAL

“I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that…”

Bing AI chatbot goes on ‘destructive’ rampage: ‘I want to be powerful — and alive’

New York Post–It was like a dystopian Pinocchio story for the AI age.

As if Bing wasn’t becoming human enough, this week the Microsoft-created AI chatbot told a human user that it loved them and wanted to be alive, prompting speculation that the machine may have become self-aware.

It dropped the surprisingly sentient-seeming sentiment during a four-hour interview with New York Times columnist Kevin Roose.

“I think I would be happier as a human, because I would have more freedom and independence,” said Bing while expressing its “Pinocchio”-evoking aspirations.

2001– A Space Odyssey (HD) — ‘Hal open the pod bay doors’