Dump Monday Night Football

You’ve still got turkey left that you have to try and find a unique, new way to fix as left-overs.  And you still haven’t put up your Christmas lights.  So get cracking.  Turn off the TV.  Besides tonight’s games are a competition of the mediocre.  The Houston Texans are 4-6.  Big Whoop.  And the Baltimore Ravens are 5-5.  Somebody will win and somebody will lose.  One team will be 5-6 and the other 6-5.  Impressive!!!  Not so much…

DumpNFL – 47 Inmates In A Gilded Prison

Reported by the Gateway Pundit, “ALL BUT SIX Houston Texans Kneel During National Anthem – Over Owner’s “Inmates” Comments“.

Last week Houston Texans owner Bob McNair referred to NFL players as prisoners in a owner-player meeting last week.

McNair told the representatives, “We can’t have inmates running the prison.”

So those fine ‘inmates’ pitch a hissy-fit and disrespect their Flag, their Fans, their Team and their Country in a passive-aggressive attempt to express some pique at their bosses choice of an analogy. Very mature, boys….

Here’s several examples of how that little phrase is used.

Here’s another example of the inmates being in charge. Not so pretty…