More Trump Protests

From the LATimes, “Latino activists vow more Trump protests as tensions heighten“.

Latino activists said they expect more large protests as Donald Trump moves his presidential campaign into California.

Guns_Libs_Violent_Cons_NotTrump faced large and hostile demonstrations outside a rally Thursday night in Costa Mesa and at the Burlingame hotel where he delivered a speech to the California Republican Convention on Friday.

“I think it’s going to get worse if he gets the nomination and is the front-runner. I think it’s going to escalate,” said Luis Serrano, an organizer with California Immigration Youth Justice Alliance. “We’re going to keep showing up and standing against the actions and the hate Donald Trump is creating. We are going to continue to just show up in numbers and stand together.”

Trump has faced protests during several stops in California over the past few months, but they escalated considerably this week.



This Way To The Egress

Perhaps there’s a little PT (Welcome to the Egress) Barnum in Donald J. Trump.

Barnum’s American Museum was so popular that people would spend the entire day there. This cut into profits, as the museum would be too full to Trump_The_Wallsqueeze another person in. In classic Barnum style, old P.T. put up signs that said “This Way to the Egress.” Many customers followed the signs, not realizing that Egress was a fancy word for “Exit.” They kept on looking for this strange new attraction, the “Egress”. Many patrons followed the signs right out the door! Once they had exited the building, the door would lock behind them, and if they wanted to get back in, they had to pay another admission charge!


Vincente ‘Effing Fox On ‘Effing Fox News About the ‘Effing Wall

Enough ‘effing said about Mexico paying for the ‘effing wall or even attempting to understand that the United States is not their ‘effing country and that they most certainly don’t have an ‘effing right to ‘effing come here whenever they ‘effing please.

Here’s the money quote:

So ‘effing suck on that, Mr. Vincente ‘Effing Fox.