Remember Who Brought You, James

James Comey Pondering His Next Cryptic Tweet

Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”

James “O.J.” Comey and Andrew “Al” McCabe Make Their Run

Now that the “FISA Memo” has been released, James “O.J.” Comey and his hapless sidekick Andrew “Al” McCabe decided to fire the old Bronco up and take a little drive…

O.J. On The Run – “The Bronco Chase”

Comey Tweets ‘It’s All A Nothingburger’

Na Na Na Na! Hey Hey Goodbye!

Well, no, James. That’s all for today, but don’t worry…be happy. There’s tomorrow, and next Tuesday, and Monday the week after, and April and on and on. So do be prepared to eat your fill of Nothingburgers.



James Comey, Robin Hood of Facts

DeepState – FBI

Former FBI Director, James Comey, seems to have reconciled himself to the vagaries of whatever fate will befall him because of his somewhat ‘flawed’ testimony about the handling of the Hillary Clinton Email scandal. He probably sees himself more as a Robin Hood of Facts – stealing from the truth and giving to those far less rich in the truth, like Hillary Clinton.  Now if I could figure out who his Friar Tuck is…

FBI – Faking Investigations Since 2009

Comey Fired – Hillary Sings “At This Point What Difference Does It Make”

I was never much of a fan of hip-hop/rap music until I heard James and Hillary.  Now I’m in danger of becoming a groupie.

J. Edgar Junior – A Waste of Skin

J. Edgar Comey Jr.