Kathy Griffin. You Can Call Me Jeff, Or You Can Call Me J….

Kathy Griffin.  My name is Jeffry Lane Flake.  Now you can call me Jeffry, or you can call me Jeff, or you can call me J, or you can call me JL.  You can even call me Jeffey, or Laney, or  Flakey.  Even Jeff L, or J Lane, or even JLF.  But you doesn’t ‘hasta’ call me “Feckless Cunt”.

**Ray J. Johnson

A Note To Sen. Jeff Flake Regarding Final Kavanaugh Vote

Jeff.  You should be afraid…, very, very afraid of your new friends.  Not saying you lack testicular fortitude now, Senator, but if you don’t vote YES for Brett Kavanaugh, you’re guaranteed to catch a bad case of “Low T“.  So will you vote to keep your hair (among other things), or vote to look like Senator Chris Coons?

I’d Call Jeff Flake a Pussy, But….

That would be a compliment.  Let me try some other possibilities.  How about….

Senator Jeff Flake is an abject, bootlicking, brownnosing, chicken-hearted, compliant, cowardly, craven, effete, faint-hearted, feeble, fickle, flaccid, ingratiating, irresolute, kowtowing, lily-livered, mealy-mouthed, namby-pamby, obsequious, parasitic, pusillanimous, sniveling, spineless, submissive, sycophantic, weak, wimpy, yellow-bellied pile of dirty, doo-doo, poop and/or night soil.

There.  That should get the point across and maybe even make it through even the most discriminating profanity filter.

Charlie Hurt on “Flake News”

Nope. No typo there. We have a new addition to the FakeNews nomenclature. “Flake News”. Heh. As in Jeff Flake, erstwhile Senator from Arizona “Flaky Flake Fake News”.

Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe – Senator Jeff ‘Flakes and Moans’

NewsMax reports, “Jeff Flake: Trump Should Have Honored Judicial Process on Arpaio“.

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Friday that he would have “preferred” that President Donald Trump allow the judicial process to “take its course” instead of pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Flake, who has slammed Trump and his policies in recent weeks, took to Twitter:

Remember, come Primary Season, that Senator Flake has aligned himself with Hillary Clinton’s view of Sheriff Joe. Hillary’s view, from the New York Times,

Hillary Clinton sharply denounced Sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying the Maricopa County sheriff, who became the face of hard-line anti-immigration policies because of his tactics here, had treated his “fellow human beings with disrespect” and contempt.”

“It just makes my heart sink,” Mrs. Clinton told a rally of mostly Latino supporters on Monday. “We are better than that.”

Yes, Senator. You make our hearts sink, too. Such a disappointment you are.