What Do Kamala Harris And ‘Hate Hoaxer’ Jussie Smollet Have In Common?

They both still believe Jussie was lynched by a couple of white MAGA guys.

The Federalist–Kamala Harris, recently named as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, supported “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett when he staged a hoax assault against himself.

In 2019, Harris tweeted her sympathies about Smollett, who falsely claimed to be the victim of a hate crime. Harris said that what happened to Smollett was a “modern day lynching.”

Harris did not retract her statement nor comment further on the issue after new evidence surfaced.

Et Tu Joey?

I can’t wait to see what Kamala, Elizabeth, or Kirsten have to say about poor old Gropin’ Joe Biden should he have the temerity to run against the #MeToo’s in 2020.  If you thought the Kavanaugh hearing was ugly, just try getting between a Democrat woman and the chance to be the first female President of the United States. Sorry Hillary. I didn’t mean to leave you out of the pack. Third times the charm, right?