Keith ‘Open Borders’ Ellison – The Democrats Number Two Guy Thinks You Stole America

The Democrats number two guy at the DNC is really a “Number Two” piece of work when it comes to protecting our borders.  He thinks you ‘stole America’ and he doesn’t ‘believe in Borders’ or border enforcement.  How does that make you feel Minnesota?  Are you going to vote an advocate of lawlessness to be your Attorney General this November?  Even as liberal as the late Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey was, true lawless open borders were never a consideration.

Minnesotans for Marco – updated

Congratulations to Marco Rubio for finally winning something — Minnestoa.  Here’s a picture of a gaggle of Minnesotans For Marco leaving the polls yesterday.


Update: All right, all right. Maybe I was stretching credulity a little, but here’s the real scoop…

From the Gateway Pundit, “Candidates Speak Only in Somali at Minnesota DFL Caucus“.

A reporter at a DFL caucus for Minnesota’s House District 60B could not Islam_Minnesota_Dem_Somali_Votersreport on the candidates’ speeches to caucus attendees because the speeches were only given in Somali.

Eric Roper with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune posted a series of tweets from the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis about the caucus. English speakers were in short supply in the area now populated by Somali refugees.