Stop Bill From Dicking Around – Vote Trump

Do your part to keep Bill Clinton from “Dicking Around” again in the White House.  Vote Donald Trump.

Bill_Clinton_Secret_ServerThe Intern you save may be your own daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, niece, Auntie, or Grandmother (Oh Noooo’s).  Hell, you might even save that old, broken-down bitch hound that hangs around the White House Commissary looking for table scraps.

Take Colin Powell’s advice as reported by the NY Post.

Colin Powell wrote in a stunning email that he doesn’t want “to vote for her” — an apparent reference to Hillary Clinton — in part because her husband is “still dicking bimbos at home,” according to the hacker website DCLeaks.

Hillary’s Own Voter Thinks She’s Full of BS

Watch as this young, female, targeted Hillary voter shows her obvious disgust with Hillary’s continued bullshit. You know it’s pretty deep when even hand-picked audience members (the ones in the prime seats) can’t gag it down. That look was priceless and probably very similar to the one that caused Monica to blurp up a stain on the ol’ blue dress.