MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Wins Prestigious PETA Award


Arming The Family Against PETA Murderers

From The Gateway Pundit, “BREAKING: YouTube Shooter Identified as 38-Year-Old Far Left Protester Nasim Aghdam.”  Here’s alleged shooter, Ms. Aghdam, at a PETA protest…. Enough said?


AGW – Measuring Snowfall in Dog Years, errr… Inches


Murica – That’s a Redneck Lawn Mower




PETA (People for Eating Tasty Animals) reminds you to bring your animals inside this Holiday Seasoning.


You didn’t think we were talking about that other PETA did you?


Unlimited Clean Energy

The secret of unlimited, free, clean energy is being suppressed by PETA.  Watch.  And believe.