Can’t Resist Piling On

This was the original “prototype” for the Hillary Campaign Scooby Van.  Huma objected, though.  She said that no way was she going to “pedal her ass all over town because that was that bitch-husband Anthony’s deal.”




Hillary’s New Campaign Vehicle

Reporters discovered today that Hillary Clinton has upgraded her image by trading in her “so très 2000” Scooby van for a spiffy new bus. Hillary_Stool_Bus

This new vehicle is said to not only be able to “give her image a real makeover” but also do double-dooty cleaning up after embarrassing misstatements.


A “Tail” of Three Cities

You can put the girl in the ghetto, but can you take the ghetto out of the girl?

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Is That a Mouse….

No.  But you still love me.  You know you do.



Ready for Hillary – 2016?

Click for a gallery of ghastly, gothic, grimnoirical Hillarys’. If you dare.



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