“Crooked Hillary” Moniker Sticks Like Glue

The “Tricky Dicky” Nixon moniker stuck and was reaffirmed by Nixon’s resignation. My theory is that Hillary Clinton owns the handle “Crooked Hillary” and, who knows, if elected, the result could be deja vu all over again. 

Here’s what Glenn Reynolds says in the USA Today’s, “‘Crooked Hillary’ nickname isn’t going away“.

The new FBI information suggests Clinton is either criminal, criminally incompetent or both.

Hillary_NixonDonald Trump likes to call his opponent, Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary.” There’s even a #CrookedHillary hashtag on Twitter. Meanwhile, Hillary seems to be doing her best to make that nickname stick.

When FBI Director James Comey declined to prosecute the former Secretary of State for mishandling classified information, he said that although she was extremely Nixon_Not_A_Crook_Todays_Standardscareless, there was no criminal intent. That was a bit iffy, since the statute governing mishandling of classified information doesn’t require intent. But the new information indicates that Hillary is either criminal, or criminally incompetent. Or maybe both.

Make America Brazil Again

God forbid Hillary Clinton is elected President, but I can see the Loyal Opposition’s headlines, “Make America Brazil Again”, or as the Washington Post reports, “Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted in impeachment vote“.

Brazil’s Senate ousted Dilma Rousseff as president Wednesday, voting overwhelmingly to impeach the leftist leader in the culmination of a protracted process that has divided the country.

Hillary_NixonThe vote to impeach Rousseff was 61 to 20. Two-thirds of senators — 54 out of 81 — were needed for impeachment to pass.

Senators broke into cheering and applause after the electronic voting was announced and sang the national anthem, concluding a process that was given the go-ahead in December.

Loretta Lynch’s “Modified Limited Hangout”

From the American Mirror we find that, “AG Lynch refuse[d] to answer questions over 74 times” during today’s House Judiciary Committee Hearing regarding Hillary Clinton’s little email problem.

Congressman David Trott came to the conclusion that Loretta Lynch’s testimony was one big waste of time.

Lying_Lynch_Takes_Hillarys_OathTrott’s staff counted up the number of times the attorney general said she couldn’t answer a question or refused to give an “appropriate” response, and they had added up at least 74 instances prior to Trott’s questioning, during a hearing today of the House Judiciary Committee.

“I knew you weren’t going to answer our questions today….“It’s one of two Lying_Lynch_Hillary_Billthings: Either you’re saying that to avoid the appearance of impropriety in which case you should have recused yourself, or you’re trying to protect Hillary Clinton,” he concluded.

So what, exactly, is a “Modified Limited Hangout“?  Here’s a few other notorious examples from the “Words of Watergate“.  So savor the flavor of the hors d’oeuvres of political hanky panky that “Lying Loretta” consumed before testifying today.

… the Watergate scandal is well worth observing not only for its political results – an American president, Richard M. Nixon, was forced to resign and a number of his top aides went to jail – but for the way it enriched our Lying_Lynch_03_TZpolitical vocabulary. The scandal popularized such words and phrases as cover up, deep six, deep throat, dirty tricks, follow the money, inoperative, smoking gun, and stonewall. And it also offers lessons about the dangers of using deceptive language that remain relevant today.

…the incident that brought the scandal to life, the break-in on June 17, 1972, at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate  complex in Washington, D.C., was initially downplayed by Ron Ziegler, theHillary_Dream_Lives_On president’s press secretary, as “a third-rate burglary attempt.”

And then we have the technique that AG Loretta Lynch seems supremely competent in using to it’s full glory.

To obstruct justice by saying little or nothing to investigators became to stonewall in White House lingo. For example, the president said in a meeting with his top aides on March 22, 1973: “I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover up, or anything else, if it’ll save it – save the whole plan.” Stonewall had been used earlier in politics in Australia and New Zealand in reference to parliamentary stalling tactics. This usage probably derives from cricket, where a batsman who plays purely defensively may be said to stonewall. The White House stonewall almost certainly has an American origin, however, deriving from the resolute defense of Confederate General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson at the first Battle of Bull Run in 1861.


FBI To Interview Hillary

From MEDIAite, “AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days“.

The FBI, led by Director James Comey, has now finished examining Clinton’s private emails and home server. And the sources add that Comey’s FBI team Nixon_Vs_Hillaryhas been joined by the Justice Department prosecutors. Together, they are now examining the evidence, analyzing relevant laws, and attempting to arrange interviews with key figures in the investigation.

Those interviews, according to attorneys, will include former State Department aides Philippe Reines, Former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and Clinton herself.

Soon after those interviews — in the next few days and weeks — officials expect Director Comey to make his recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about potential criminal charges.