Elizabeth Warren Fails To Win Iowa’s Pocahontas County

Liz Warren Finishes In 5th Place In Pocahontas County, Iowa

This is DEFCON Level 1 Schadenfreude here.

The Daily Caller – The Iowa Democratic Party released the first partial vote count from Monday night’s Iowa caucuses Tuesday showing former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg holding a slight lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The partial vote count also showed Warren, of Massachusetts, in fifth place in Pocahontas County, Iowa with all precincts reporting.

Whoop, Whoop White Girl

Daily Darwin – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From Karma

Darwin notes gleefully the truism that “You can run but you can’t hide from Karma”, especially the fiery, exploding kind. He further notes that this is why you watch a rocket launch from a bunker, rather than a lawn chair on the launching pad.  He also observes that Karma and Schadenfreude are closely related-possibly sisters from another mother.