Bernie-omics Shuts Down Nation

The nation of Venezuela discovers that Bernie Sanders style socialism is a dry hole, a “duster“, when it comes to delivering goods and services.

From Bloomberg, “Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis“.

Venezuela is shutting down for a week as the government struggles with a deepening electricity crisis.

Bernie_Sanders_Venezula_Socialism_coolPresident Nicolas Maduro gave everyone an extra three days off work next week, extending the two-day Easter holiday, according to a statement in the Official Gazette published late Tuesday.

The government has rationed electricity and water supplies across the country for months and urged citizens to avoid waste as Venezuela endures a prolonged drought that has slashed output at hydroelectric dams. The ruling socialists have blamed the shortage on the El Nino weather phenomena and “sabotage” by their political foes, while critics cite a lack of maintenance and poor planning.

One Socialist

Or another. Or as Hillary says, “What difference does it makes?”  Same end result.  Bernie’s camps will probably have Wi-Fi, but that’s progress, right?


Urban Dictionary:

The Nazi Party was a political party in Germany, founded in 1919 by Anton Drexler. At first it was called “The German Worker’s Party”.

When Hitler later took over the party, helped by his oratorical skills, he renamed the party the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei), meaning National Socialist Germany Workers’ Party.

Later on the Great Depression helped the Nazi come to power in 1933.

Paul von Hindenburg, the president at the time, appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933. Within 3 months, he had assumed dictatorial powers.

Hence, the Nazi Party is indeed what Hitler used, and what helped him to gain power and wage war across the globe.