Daily Darwin – ISIS Rocket Suppository

Darwin is fond of saying that there is nothing like a ‘rocket suppository’ in the morning to get a terrorist’s genomes moving.


Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors



A Handbook for the Care and Feeding of Migrants

Chapter One–Obtain Migrant Seeds


Chapter Two–Feed, Water and Cultivate


Chapter Three–Pull Invasive Weeds before Garden is Overrun


Chapter Four–Eliminate Suppliers Whose Seeds Contain Invasive Weeds


Chapter Five–Subscribe to a Continuing Education Program


The FBI Cracked the Code For Your iPhone

ABC News has reported, “How the FBI Cracked the iPhone Encryption and Averted a Legal Showdown With Apple“.

As the legal battle played out, the FBI appealed to cyber experts around the world for help.

“We’ve talked to anybody who will talk with us about it, and I welcome Phone_Making_Appearance_animatedadditional suggestions,” Comey said during a House hearing four weeks ago.

In response, countless companies and hackers — including what one source familiar with matter called many “whackadoodles” — came forward claiming to have a way into Farook’s phone, sources said.

But nothing appeared viable. That is, until a company that the FBI has yet to identify came forward about two weeks ago. After initial contacts with the FBI, company officials flew to Washington to lay out their solution, sources told ABC News.

On Sunday, March 20, in a meeting at FBI headquarters, company officials demonstrated their technology on another iPhone. Convinced it would work, the FBI greenlighted applying it to Farook’s phone, sources said.

This past weekend — just days ago — the attempt was made, and “the FBI has now successfully retrieved the data stored on” the phone, according to the Justice Department.


“Green” Tea Solution to Terrorism

Well…Kermit is green.  And he’s drinking tea.  Therefore the observation that the robust “Right to Carry” laws in Texas made it much more likely we’d get dead terrorists rather than dead civilians seems quite reasonable.  Make mine Southern Sweet Tea with a little Colt .45 for added flavor, if you please.