TrigglyPuff II – Attack of the Russkies

In case you don’t know what TrigglyPuff II is talking about, it’s regarding that time last November when Vlad Putin dropped Russian paratroopers into polling locations throughout the ‘Rust Belt’ in order to stuff the ballot boxes with Donald Trump votes. Hmmm?  Didn’t they make a movie about that once?  Or twice?

Let me remind you of the original, and unforgettable, TrigglyPuff.

Relegated to the Knock-Knock Pile of History

You’ve heard of the ‘ash heap of history‘, the reference so favorably remembered in President Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire” speech predicting the end of Communism?  Well, President Obama, instead reigns atop another pile, maybe not so favorably remembered – the “Knock-Knock” pile of History.  Heh.


Aleppo is Toast

CNN reports another feckless failure of Obama’s Syria-Russian Policy, “Syria: 2nd hospital destroyed by bombs as regime gains ground in Aleppo“.

obama_aleppo_is_toastYet another civilian hospital in Syria has been destroyed by airstrikes — this one in the country’s largest city.

At least seven people died and more remain trapped under rubble after “bunker-buster” bombs destroyed the M10 hospital in Aleppo on Monday, opposition activists from the Aleppo Media Center said.
Monday’s attack marked the third time in a week the M10 hospital was bombed. Airstrikes also pummeled the hospital, in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, last Wednesday and Saturday.
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