Hey Ho, China Joe Has Got To Go

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order To Ban the Term “China Virus

Summit News–The latest of Joe Biden’s THIRTY SEVEN executive orders signed in the first week of his presidency states that the term ‘Chinese virus’ or ‘China virus’ is now banned.

The White House website confirms that Biden signed this EO.

CBS News reported ‘Biden to address racism toward Asian Americans during pandemic with executive action’.

The report notes that “The Biden executive order is also expected to direct federal agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to examine whether there are xenophobic references like “China virus” in any existing policies, directives or government websites published by the Trump administration.”

Is there any doubt that Joe Biden is owned lock, stock, and barrel by China? Why else would he attempt to let the Chinese escape responsibility for the Wuhan China Coronavirus outbreak? Have your kids start studying Mandarin Chinese now. That way they’ll be able to teach their own kids the official language of the PRC-A (People’s Republic of China in America).

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