Governor DeSantis – “Almost 100% Of Florida Power Restored”

How Many EV Power Repair Trucks Worked Hurricane Ian?  Just Asking For A Friend…

Eat you heart out Governor Gavin ‘Hairdo’ Newsom

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California’s latest power grid problems are just the beginning

Politico— An epic heat wave this summer brought California’s power grid to the brink of collapse, and put its governor on defense as he touted the state’s nation-leading climate goals.
In Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s telling, the state kept the lights on because of its efforts to bolster renewable energy.

“Went right up to the edge of breaking our grid, but it didn’t,” Newsom said at a Clinton Global Initiative event this week, describing this month’s scorcher to dignitaries gathered in New York City for Climate Week at the U.N. “This transition worked.”

The reality, however, is a lot messier.

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