No Amount Of ‘Kente Cloth’ Can Disguise Nancy Pelosi’s White Privilege

This is the lady that spent the Coronavirus Lockdown eating $94 $Dollar a gallon ice cream from a freezer that cost more than most people’s cars, all the while hectoring Trump supporters about their ‘White Privilege’ and wanting to go back to work.

Nancy ‘Kente Cloth’ Pelosi
Nope. No Kente Cloth here.  Only ‘White Privilege’.

Nancy Pelosi’s $94 ice cream is the latest sign that government is out of whack

Sierra Star–Over a week ago Nancy Pelosi agreed to appear on a late-night television show to have a little fun with the host. Say what you want about the Speaker of the House; she did not rise to that level of power by doing stupid things. That evening she wasn’t smart. She sat in front of her $24,000 refrigerator/freezer units and stated that chocolate was helping her deal with the pandemic. Her expensive sweater tied around her neck, her toothy-grin pasted on, she held up a basket of expensive chocolates. If that wasn’t bad enough, she opened her freezer to display rows of Jeni’s Ice Cream pints. Multiple flavors she stated were needed to satisfy her family who enjoy the quality ice cream. Most of us enjoy ice cream but few of us can afford Jeni’s. Those pints sell for $11.75 each. Do the math and you discover that the elitist Speaker of the House is eating $94 a gallon ice cream while 24 million Americans are out of work.

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