“Another Day In Trump’s America” – The Side Of The Story Missed By The Fakenews Media

‘Perspective’ means everything to how a news story unfolds. Trump Derangement Syndrome destroys all perspective and creates a false narrative. Ask the Washington Post or CNN about their perspective in reporting the news. Hint. Nick Sandmann. It’s a 500 Million $Dollar question. Watch “Another Day In Trump’s America” for a ‘new’ perspective on what the Mainstream Media reports.

The DailyWire reports, “WATCH: Powerful Video About ‘Another Day In Trump’s America’ Goes Viral. But It’s Not What You Think.

Video creator Paul Martinez throws a gut-punch to the mainstream media for running with unvetted and out-of-context video clips to help push a narrative that he says fuels division. As touched on in the video, such reckless anti-Trump enthusiasm was illustrated in the mainstream media’s potentially libel coverage of the Covington Catholic High School hoax.

The video beings with a young woman peeking outside her window to witness a “MAGA” hat-wearing white man chasing her black Uber diver’s car out of their neighborhood, or so she thinks. After she mutes the volume to her TV, which is playing MSNBC coverage of the infamous Covington hoax, the young woman posts about the deplorable Trump supporter to social media. Naturally, it instantly goes viral with the help of the media and hate for the “MAGA” hat-wearing man and others like him rolls in.

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