John ‘Effing Kerry – Shadow Diplomat, Iranian Colluder and Smurf

Poweline has the story, “Kerry’s Collusion“, which gives one a glimpse into the depths of John ‘Effing Kerry’s perfidy.

John Kerry has colluded with the Iranian regime to preserve the Iran deal from its prospective undoing by the president of the United States. Matt Viser calls it “shadow diplomacy” in his Boston Globe article breaking the story. Isn’t this the kind of thing for which then Acting Attorney Sally Yates sicced the FBI on Michael Flynn? Because it allegedly violated the Logan Act? Why, yes, it is. (I requested a comment from Yates this morning via email.)

John ‘Effing Kerry – Cycle Diplomacy

John ‘Effing Kerry – Smurf Diplomacy

John ‘Effing Kerry – Windsailing Diplomacy

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