Nancy Pelosi’s Catch 25

If you are crazy enough to propose 25th Amendment legislation, you’re probably just crazy enough to qualify for it being used on your very ‘ownself’. It’s called “Catch 25“.

Nancy Pelosi’s latest stunt proves she’s obsessed with President Trump

New York Post–But she seems to be in denial about the effect he has on her. Even when she was fashioning her strange 25th Amendment legislation, she insisted: “This is not about President Trump.”

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

How else do you account for the extraordinarily emotional and unprofessional way in which Pelosi has carried out her role as speaker of the House?

The nadir was when she ripped up the pages of the president’s State of the Union speech, live on camera, right behind him. Likely it was payback because he had refused to shake hands when he arrived. Or maybe, he just didn’t notice her standing there with her hand outstretched. Even worse to be ignored!

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