This Maddow Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Remember Who Brought You, James

Free Range Kid – Don’t Need No ‘Effing Helmet

Don’t need no ‘effing sidewalks, either. Or ‘effing #Snowflakes. Or especially ‘effing #Whiners.

Nostalgia – Bosboys and Indigenous Peoples

**Bos taurus

Let’s Give Miley The ‘Respect’ She’s Earned

Gypsy, Tramp or Thief

It’s ironic that Hollywood Liberals like Cher resort to body-shaming someone like Sarah Sanders because they disagree with their beliefs. #HollywoodHypcrites are always so short on arguments or critical thinking that their only recourse is ‘huck‘ insults like third graders. Sorry for the comparison, third graders, sometimes life is unfair.

Cher in her Ms. Cowhide USA Pageant Leather Outfit

Hey Hillary – Look What Fusion GPS Missed

Don’t you wish that you would have paid your Opposition Research muckrakers enough to pry this picture of Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan being best BFF’s, out of the hands of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members?  Heh.  So much for William Jefferson Clinton, your purported husband, being the ‘First Black President’.  Apparently, none of that loyalty rubbed off on you.  And you missed your chance to be President.  Ah, for the “want of a nail the shoe was lost….”  Or picture.

Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan, BFF’s

Conan – ‘Dyare’ Is Haitian Creole For What You’re Gonna Get