Norks – Kim Jong-un’s Olympic Team Words of Inspiration

North Korean Version of “Cool Runnings”

“Cool Runnings” – Trailer (1993)

D.A.C.A. Redefined

The Democratic Party’s true definition of the D.A.C.A. program.

Norks – Little Kim, Brokenhearted

‘Chain Migration for Dummies’ – All You Need to Know in 30 Seconds

And you are truly a dummy if you think the existing “Chain Migration Scheme” will hold any benefit for this country.  Here’s a  30 Second Tutorial on Chain Migration from NumbersUSA.

A Simple Chain Migration Graphic – How It Really Works

Kim Jong Wang-chung – North Korea’s Got Talent

Little Kim Jong-un has made the transition from “Rocket Boy” to “Rapper Boy” and has won the first “North Korea’s Got Talent” contest with his rendition of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

The Evolution of Kim Jong Wang-chung, Hip Hop Celeb

Wang Chung – “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”


Kim Jong-un Watches “Little Dicky” Durban’s Shithole Press Conference

Look! “Little Dickey’s” lip is quivering. Do you think he can work up a tear? I’ll bet you a bowl of kimchi he can.

Kim Jong-un, “Nobody knows Shitholes like we know Shitholes”

Norks – Paws Off The Button Kitty

We don’t want another ‘Hawaiian Nuke Attack’ drill do we?