Kim Jong-un’s Nork’s Eye View

Good Morning North Korea!!!

Does Job Illegal Immigrants Won’t

What’s up Doc?”

Kim Jong-Bo

I know Barack Obama isn’t President any more, but the hair was too ‘effing good to pass up.

Meanwhile, At Kim Jong-RocketMan’s Missile Command…

Norks – Kim Jong-RomperMan

Norks – ‘Little Dictator’ Halloween Costume

There’s still time to get your Kim Jong-un ‘Little Dictator’ Halloween Costume, but supplies are limited. Order Now!!

**Ballistic Missile Not Included

Kim Jong-RocketMan’s Fantasy Island

The plane Boss.  The plane.”

Kim Jong-RocketMan with Tattoo-un

Fantasy Island – TV Show Opening

The Graham-Cassidy Bill – Stick a Fork In It

CNN reports, “The Republican zombie repeal and replace effort just died. Again.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ announcement that she will not vote for her party’s last-ditch attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare effectively dooms Republican hopes of abolishing a law they spent eight years campaigning against.