FakeNews CNN – Still Faking It After All These Years

Doggie Makeover Monday

Obama’s New Side Hustle

This Maddow Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

The New PyeongChang Olympics ‘Star Wars AT-AT Walker Downhill Ski Event’

The ‘Star Wars AT-AT Walker Downhill Event’ rules are simple. There’s only three rules. If you finish, you get a Bronze medal. If you finish with two arms or two legs you get a Silver medal. And rule three, if you finish with both two arms and two legs you get the Gold medal.

Little Chicken Peckers

A fate worthy of being featured in a Stephen King novel.

The Benadryl Challenge

If you thought the Tide Pod Challenge was for true idiots, well, the Benadryl Challenge takes ‘idiot’ to a whole ‘nuther level of comatose.

AGW – The Truth Is Out There

X Files – Original Opening Theme