Do Be Like The Hummingbird and Leave Your Smartphone Behind

From Vice, “Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia.”

It seemed like just a spooky coincidence, but then everyone seems to have a story about their smartphone listening to them. So is this just paranoia, or are our smartphones actually listening?

According to Dr. Peter Henway—The senior security consultant for cybersecurity firm Asterix, and former lecturer and researcher at Edith Cowan University—the short answer is yes, but perhaps in a way that’s not as diabolical as it sounds.

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Even SpongeBob Squarepants knows what to do, although he may be speaking a different language.


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The Word Of The Day – Jalopy

The truth is, dictionary makers have not the slightest idea where jalopy comes from. It was spelled all sorts of ways when it first appeared, a sure sign that oral transmission came first. So, in lieu of facts, here are some of the stories that others have recounted in worthy attempts to make some sense of the matter.

Yiddish is a candidate with shlappe, a term for an old horse that actually derives from Polish. . Others argue that it has a link with the Mexican town of Jalapa, where old vehicles were sent to rest and recuperate.

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