Moon’s Over My Hammies

This young lady appears to be semaphoring where the bus caravan will be stopping for breakfast.


ScienceDiet – Hatching Vegans


Eye Bleach Alert – Bearded Motorboating

Some things once seen can never be unseen.  Bearded Motorboating is one of them.  Click the “read more” under old Homer if you dare.

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Were Your Fireworks Ho-hum This Year?

Remember this sage advice…

**Pilfered from here.


Original Sex Robot – Japan, circa 1960

Or maybe not.  But who knows what the “mystery action” might be.

Found here.


The Newest ‘New Coke’

This name change is destined to go the way of dodo bird, T-Rex or New Coke and Bill Cosby.

New Coke Classic Coke Mea Culpa