A ‘Shit Study’ About Some “Shit Holes”

Or if you prefer, “Countries Yet to Get Their Poop In A Pile”.  Or even “Countries That Are Excrementally Challenged”.

The definitive UN Shit Hole Report

Liberal Solution To Arson

Ban Hi-capacity automatic matches. It’s obvious.  But, Liberals.  Don’t ignore the “Law of Unintended Consequences”….how are you gonna light your bongs?  Flint and steel?  Friction Bow and Stick?  Magnifying Glass?  Will all purchases of Hi-cap Automatic Matches require a Federal Background Check and a mandatory Three Day Waiting Period?  Heh.

Chucky The Snowman Killer

Chucky the Snowman Killer

“Cult of Chucky” Trailer

Perfect Gift For That Discriminating Tea Drinker

Err… Make that for the indiscriminate, intemperate, intolerant, obdurate asshole tea drinker.

Slip Slidin’ Away – Human Snowboards

With clothes–

Without clothes–

Pinhead Vs. The Tooth Fairy

Your kid’s trip to the Dentist will never be the same.  I also suspect that after relating that little bedtime story called, “The Tooth Fairy Takes a Bite Out of Pinhead”, you’ll be able to command at least a week’s worth of quality tooth brushing time.

For You, We’ll Go The Extra Mile

Order Your Holiday ‘Tools’ From Hazard Freight

No need to read the Warning Labels.  Just order more Life Insurance.