CNN’s Mount Rushmore Trigger Warning

Footage Of Trump’s Patriotic Event At Mount Rushmore is Vewy, Vewy Scawey.  Head To Your Safe Space, Snowflakes.

Babylon Bee—In a move to make sure its primary audience of dumb snowflake triggered sissy libs wasn’t scarred for life, CNN graciously broadcast a trigger warning ahead of its report on Trump’s “dangerously patriotic” speech in front of Mount Rushmore last week.

The message warned CNN’s dozens of viewers that they would soon see horrifying carvings of long-dead racist presidents, President Trump saying some words, and also some disturbing American flags. CNN anchors then encouraged viewers with any liberal relatives in the room to turn away for a few minutes so as not to melt instantly into a puddle of liberal tears.

/sarc ‘n /snark

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Could This Be Another Case Of ‘Insider Trading’?

The case could be made that in an ‘Information Economy’ information is the coin of the realm.  Consequently one could posit that just as North Carolina’s Senator Burr is being investigated for Insider Trading for dumping his stock portfolio based on insider knowledge of the possible impact of the Coronavirus on the economy, shouldn’t the same happen to Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary, Rachel Levin?  After all, in the coin of the realm, what’s the value of a human being?  Certainly more than a stock portfolio, one would think.