One More Excellent Reason For The Second Amenendment

If you worried about the possibility of ObamaCare’s “Death Panels” being a reality and were only marginally reassured by Democratic protests that the term “Death Panel” was only political theater and such a thing could never happen…. Ask yourself then, why will the Democrats defend to the death (an unfortunate, but true pun) the right to murder a baby as it is being born.  It’s seems to me that a 2nd Amendment ‘friend’ would be good to have – just in case they decide to come for you.


George H.W. Bush – RIP

The *Chron reports, “Former President George H.W. Bush dies at age 94.

George Herbert Walker Bush, whose lone term as the 41st president of the United States ushered in the final days of the Cold War and perpetuated a family political dynasty that influenced American politics at both the national and state levels for decades, died Friday evening in Houston. He was 94.

George H.W. Bush Sky Diving at 90

US Border Patrol Finds Another Secret Tunnel To Mexico-updated

The Guardian reports, “US officials find secret tunnel between KFC and Mexico bedroom“.

Artist Concept of Abandoned KFC Restaurant

Border patrol agents have uncovered a tunnel leading from the kitchen of an old KFC restaurant to a trap door in a bedroom in Mexico. Officials believe the tunnel between San Luis, in Arizona, and San Luis Río Colorado, in Sonora, was used for smuggling drugs.

Police say they were tipped off in April about the existence of a tunnel leading to the abandoned restaurant.

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