Trump Plans Outreach to Rocky Horror Picture Show Fans

President Trump, already planning his next State Visit itinerary, told reporters aboard Air Force One during today’s flight home, that building a “Great Relationship” with Transylvania is topmost on his list.  He vows to keep working until even Susan Sarandon and Meat Loaf agree to vote for him in 2020.  Mr. Trump hopes that Janet and Eddie will lead the first wave of Rocky Horror Picture Show voters.  He plans to have the pair introduce his new campaign slogan – “Rocky the Vote”.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show” – Trailer

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Here’s a lesson Barack Obama could learn from Donald and Melania Trump. It’s simple. If you want people to respect you, look them in the eyes as you give them a firm handshake. Bowing and shining your country’s adversary’s shoes with your eyes just doesn’t cut it.

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Jabba the Trump and Princess Melania

Here’s a storyboard from the proposed 17th episode in the Star Wars saga – “Star Wars: Attack of the MAGA’s.”

Jabba the Trump and Princess Melania in Star Wars – Attack of the MAGA’s