Dave and Christine Rock The Vote

Thanks, Guys!!


A Few Words About The Democrats’ “Unhinged” Mob



Trump’s Deal Making 101 – Stake Out Your Negotiating Position

US, Canada, and Mexico have a new NAFTA deal. It’s called USMCA. Any questions as to why Canada signed on?


Did Creepy Porn Lawyer,Michael Avenatti, Play The Banjo In A Movie Once Upon A Time?

“Deliverance” – CPL Plays “Dueling Banjos”


Trumpkin Days Are Here Again

Will you ever get tired of winning?

Liberal Tears.


Kathy Griffin. You Can Call Me Jeff, Or You Can Call Me J….

Kathy Griffin.  My name is Jeffry Lane Flake.  Now you can call me Jeffry, or you can call me Jeff, or you can call me J, or you can call me JL.  You can even call me Jeffey, or Laney, or  Flakey.  Even Jeff L, or J Lane, or even JLF.  But you doesn’t ‘hasta’ call me “Feckless Cunt”.

**Ray J. Johnson