CNN Says Melania “Ducked” Criticizing Cyberbulling Spouse

CNN Say Melania ‘Ducked’ Her Responibility To Criticize Donald For Cyberbullying Climate Nudge, Greta Thunberg

The juxtaposition has lead to criticism in the wake of the President’s most recent broadside on Thunberg (who appeared to take it in stride by paraphrasing his tweet and making it her Twitter bio).
It’s not even the first time the President has mocked the teenager on Twitter. In September, after Thunberg made an emotional United Nations speech calling the failure of leaders to act on climate change “a betrayal,” he sarcastically tweeted that she “seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

Forget the FakeNews CNN crap, here’s the “raison d’quacker” for this post — Melania’s AFLAC commercial.  It’s a Hoot… err, Quack!!


If You Saw ‘This Woman’ Coming Toward You On A Sidewalk….

Would you keep walking and as you passed her, smile, and say, “Have a nice day!!”  Or would you listen to the instincts your ancestors developed over countless millennia and cross to the other side, saying to yourself, “This bitch is gonna kill me and then drag my carcass into the alley and eat me?”  I knew you would.  Racist.  Just kidding.

That’s Racist!!

Thanks Anon in MT


Eric Swalwell – We Always Knew You Were A Gasbag…

But Farting LIVE On National TV??

Either “You Da Man” (giving some credit for a ‘guy thing’ spectacularly done), or you’re so full of your own self and this Impeachment Bullshit that even your own bowels couldn’t stand it.  But whatever….

Tonight you have sole ownership of the coveted “Golden Turd Award”.  Job well done, Mr. Swalwell.  My guess is you’ve just become a very, very tempting target for a new Presidential nickname.  Heh.  You should also beware of being kicked off the AOC’s Green New Deal Island for single-handedly taking months off Mother Earth’s survival – flatulence, you know, Eric, flatulence.


George Conway Is A Sausage-fingered Dick – Update….

Another day and George is still a Sausage-fingered Dick.

From the DailyCaller, “Elise Stefanik Fires Back At ‘Misogynist’ George Conway After He Calls Her ‘Trash’.”  Apparently, George is actually a Sausage-fingered misogynistic Dick.  #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne.

Rather than murder the slob, Kellyanne, just #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne

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George Conway Is A Sausage-fingered Dick

Rather than murder the slob, Kellyanne, just #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne