Seeking Job As ‘Lizard Whisperer’

He might have a chance for that job depending on his interviewing skills, even though his credentials appear to be a few hairs short of a pompadour.  But any other ‘real’ job, not so much.

Zardoz For the Holidays

The Inspiration For Atlas Shrugged

Pinhead Vs. The Tooth Fairy

Your kid’s trip to the Dentist will never be the same.  I also suspect that after relating that little bedtime story called, “The Tooth Fairy Takes a Bite Out of Pinhead”, you’ll be able to command at least a week’s worth of quality tooth brushing time.

He Went To Salvador Dali’s Barber…

And it’s lucky he got Salvador Dali’s self-portrait for a cut, rather that Salvador Dali’s “Portrait of Picasso”.


Auditioning For a Bit Part In a Fruit Salad

I Can’t Get Past the Ears…

But if I could I’d see his ‘effing flat-top mullet hair cut.

FashionWeek – Way More Sean Connery Than Anyone Needs

My name is Zed. Plain Zed.

“He who fights too long against dragons, becomes a dragon himself.”… Nietzsche.

“Zardoz” – Movie Trailer (1974)