New Natural “Lip Plumper” Discovered

But there’s a catch…..Eeewww!!!


Awww!! – If Only We Had Hair, We Would Never Do This!!


FashionWeek – Hair Cap


Flashing Pumpkins

The Flashing…

And the Smashing…


FashionWeek – Backasswards Butt Look

The play on words pun, “backasswards Butt look” was not so bad.  The look itself….not so much.

Emergency Eye Bleach Station

Thanks (I think?) Anon in MT


Lollipop Land Welcome Agent

He’s on his way to work as an “Official Lollipop Land Munchkin Welcome Agent”. The ‘crocs‘ are just for traveling to the jobsite – he’ll be donning his Official Munchkin-approved Footwear before beginning his greeter duties.

“The Wizard of Oz” – A Munchkin Welcome