Tattoo Regret – Think Before You Ink

Columnist William Safire observed in, “Language: Tattoo regret and apostrophe remorse,

“As tattoos become more popular,” reads a headline in The International Herald Tribune over an article by Natasha Singer of The New York Times, “so does ‘tattoo regret.’ ”

In Brisbane, Australia, The Sunday Mail warned last year: “Think before you ink. That’s the message skin experts are preaching as ‘tattoo regret’ booms.” It reported that a Queensland athlete – embarrassed about a smiling devil’s face etched on his back – complained in rhyme of suffering “severe tattoo-rue.”

“The regret combining form is found in a lot of current writing,” notes Ann Rubin Wort, a former Times colleague. “Nowadays people are acting more impulsively; thus, regrets aplenty and the resulting need to nullify capricious choices.”

‘Bad ink’ and adult diapers…  I think Safire nailed that one.


Be Well Dressed For The Burning Man Festival Or The Zombie Appocalypse

Going to Burning Man? Don’t Forget to Pack a Mask, says the New York Times.

When tens of thousands of people descend on Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in August for Burning Man, they should expect dust. A windstorm could sweep through the site at any moment, swirling the highly alkaline playa sand into clouds, and shrouding the festival’s temporary city and its attendants under its cloak. It’s best to come prepared.

It’s best to come prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, too. Here are some wardrobe choices fit for The Burning Man or World War Z.


Redneck Cowboy Boot Sandals – redux

Gonna get me some.  Maybe more than one pair.  Then some of those Mexican Pointy-toed boots would be a great fashion addition.