Girls With Guns – 1960’s Style

I’m still trying to determine whether the ‘mass squinting’ occurring here is caused by the gunfire or ‘wardrobe malfeasance’.

Monday Lisa

FashionWeek – Where’s My ‘Hit Me’ Sign?

The dude’s (an assumption, I know) already got some major issues going on, but a pineapple hairstyle, please….

FashionWeek – Little Mermaid Hair

Happy Belated Valentine’s Birthday, Abe

Abraham Lincoln is one President that will never go out of style.

Seeking Job As ‘Lizard Whisperer’

He might have a chance for that job depending on his interviewing skills, even though his credentials appear to be a few hairs short of a pompadour.  But any other ‘real’ job, not so much.

Zardoz For the Holidays

The Inspiration For Atlas Shrugged