Hillary Prepares For 2020 Presidential Run

Hillary was overheard saying, “With this new face and boobs, and my new lefty slogan, ‘Ain’t No Free Shit Better Than Hillary’s’, those Twenty-something SJW’s don’t stand a chance. Now if I could just get rid of Bill….


She’s Alive!!

Frankestein – “It’s Alive!!”


Hillary Took DNA Test

Not to be outdone by potential 2020 Presidential political rival Elizabeth “1024th Pocahontas” Warren’s DNA test, Hillary Clinton had her own DNA tested, too.  She doesn’t plan on releasing the full results until after the Mid-terms,  but teased that now she understands why she loves warm rocks and sunshine so much.


Whoopsie!! Brett You Look Simply Marvelous In Black

Your friend Bill.

Billy Crystal – “You Look Marvelous”

Thanks Anon in MT


Another Distraction For Bill


A Dog With Two Assholes