Whoopsie!! Brett You Look Simply Marvelous In Black

Your friend Bill.

Billy Crystal – “You Look Marvelous”

Thanks Anon in MT


Another Distraction For Bill


A Dog With Two Assholes


Happy Birthday, Mr. President Bill Clinton

Former POTUS, William Jefferson Clinton, was born in Hope, Arkansas August 19, 1946.  Thanks for the memories.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President


Bill and Sammy’s Excellent ‘Heavy Metal’ Adventure

Looks like Hillary’s been feeding old Bill some ‘Heavy Metal’, but not in a music way like Sammy.  More like in a mercury (Hg), or cadmium (Cd), perhaps arsenic (As), or chromium (Cr), or possibly thallium (Tl), or maybe even lead (Pb) way.  Long live good old Rock and Roll, right Sammy?  And Bill, you really need a food taster…..and don’t drink anything that you haven’t opened with your own hands.  Eh?

Styx – “Heavy Metal Poisoning”

**Thanks Anon in MT


Bed, Bath, and Beyond Hillary – Late Spring Collection