Hump Day – Jeffrey Epstein Had A “Marvelous” Painting Of Bill Clinton In Monica’s Blue Dress

Jeffrey Epstein in his best Billy Crystal Fernando Lamas voice, “You look marvelous in that little blue dress, Mr. President.”  The red shoes are a perfect choice.

Jeffrey Epstein had a bizarre portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress hanging in his Manhattan mansion, DailyMailTV can reveal.

The picture depicting the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky was in a room off the stairway of the Upper East Side townhouse.

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Hillary Clinton – “Trump Made My Skin Crawl”

Does anyone see the irony here? My guess is that Hillary’s comments are such low hanging fruit for the meme-makers, she’ll be in revise and reprint mode before the week is out.  I can’t wait for the interview question, “If Donald made your skin crawl, tell us how Bill made your skin feel?”

From NBC News, “Hillary Clinton Says ‘My Skin Crawled’ During Debate With Trump“.

In the first excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated upcoming memoir, the former Democratic presidential candidate said her “skin crawled” during a debate with Donald Trump.

“My skin crawled,” Clinton said. “It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching ‘well, what would you do?'”

Just two days prior, Clinton said, “the world heard [Trump] brag about groping women.”