Senator Diane Spyeinstein – (Democrat-CA)

The Federalist reports, “Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy.

As media, intelligence agency, and political scrutiny of foreign meddling is seemingly at its apex, a story with big national security implications involving a high-ranking senator with access to America’s most sensitive intelligence information has been hiding in plain sight.

The story involves China and the senior U.S. senator from California, and former chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Dianne Feinstein. It was buried eight paragraphs into a recent Politico exposé on foreign efforts to infiltrate Silicon Valley, as a passing example of political espionage…


Feckless Mitt Romney Makes A Statement

Why on earth would Mitt Romney be holding a fundraiser for a potential Democrat 2020 Presidential candidate? WTF? Yep. Willard hasn’t even been elected as Senator from Utah and he’s already subverting his party’s President. The Daily Caller reports,”ROMNEY HELD DEM DONOR MEETING FOR FORMER STARBUCKS CEO HOWARD SCHULTZ AND IT DIDN’T GO WELL.”

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney recently hosted a donor meeting for former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz who has been reportedly considering a run for president as a Democrat in 2020.

Politico’s Ben Schrekinger said the event did not go well and that many left uninspired by the potential nominee.


Creepy Peter Strzok Smirks “Neiner, Neiner, Neiner” To Congressional Committee

This is the FBI guy that investigated Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server, Anthony “the Wagger” Weiner’s laptop, and the alleged Russian Collusion of the Trump Presidential Campaign.  And he’s a douche.  Watch.

“Ya didn’t lay a glove on me Congressman…. Neiner, neiner, neiner!”


“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

There is nothing that the Democrats will not attempt to expoit.  And they brag about it.


Time Out For Acosta

FakeNews CNN’s,  Jim Acosta, has been throwing tantrums again.  Yes, Jim.  We know it’s all about you. From the Daily Caller, “CNN’S JIM ACOSTA DOESN’T DENY HE SHOUTS QUESTIONS FOR ATTENTION“.


Unhinged: The Left in 2018