Hey Nancy, Can You Spare Me A Crumb?

I’d like one of those $1000 dollar crumbs, please…

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Stage 4

It’s not pretty, folks.

Democrats Have a Hat and a Slogan

Good luck with that one, Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat Grinches Foiled

Trump ‘Clint Eastwoods’ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump borrowed a page from Clint Eastwood’s  2012 RNC ‘Empty Chair‘ speech and did an ‘Eastwood’ on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi after their passive-aggressive decision to boycott a Presidential meeting on the current tax reform legislation.  The poor babies didn’t like a Trump Tweet.  Chuck.  Nancy.  Your really make it oh, so easy for Trump to troll you.  Man up!  You to Chuck.

USA Today has the rest of the story.

Nancy Pelosi Has Frank Discussion About Impeachment

Pelosi’s Goat On Vladimir Putin

Pelosi’s Goat –


Emotional Outlet for Screaming Liberals

Nancy Pelosi channels Edvard Munch.