A Clockwork Hillary – Alex Is To Blame

Hillary found here.

“A Clockwork Orange” – Official Trailer

Just STFU Hillary

Sure Cure For Hillary’s Cough

Uncle Vlad recommends a shot of Old Crow, a little honey, and a dash of lemon to pair with the ‘certain’ piquancy of the brew.

Hillary – If It Wasn’t For Those Weak, White Married Women….

…I’d be president.

Hillary Blames White Women For Loss

Hillary Builds a Better Burger

Weekend At Hillary’s

One must pluck the low hanging fruit when it’s ripe. And speaking of ripe and low hanging, Hillary’s trip to India¬†supplied an entire Fruit Stand worth.

Weekend At Hillary’s – India Style

Hillary Works To Tame Her ‘Crazy Eye’ Problem

Still setting her sights on a 2020 run, and knowing that her little eye problem could cost a vote or two, Hillary has hired an eye expert to help retrain her crazy eyes.¬† That effort ‘oughta’ win her Wisconsin, don’t you think?

My Morning Cup of Coffee

Tastes great, doesn’t it?