Liberal 9th Circuit Blocks Trump Pardons

Thanks to the liberal Judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, President Trump’s pardon of Drumstick and Wishbone has been reversed. Unless the Trump Department of Justice can convince the Supreme Court to weigh in on the case, Drumstick and Wishbone will be on the table for Christmas Dinner.

**FakeNews Alert

Ruh-Roh Scooby – Are We Missing Something…Important?

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Awww!! Meet The Northwestern Furred Hummingbird

ScienceDiet – Cockroach Donuts

Eeewww!! Wait a minute! Wait a minute. The donuts only look like cockroaches.  I was worried that donuts had become the newest example of “Cricketeria” Food.  Ugh.

Chimp Sniper School

Snoop Dogg RIP – Make America Great Again

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USA Today’s Proposed AR-15 Mods – Heh!

Check out the AR-15’s yet untapped potential for modification – Limited only by a Liberals imagination.

Suicide Squad 2.50 – “Arch Nemeses”

Staring McHarley Quinn and McJoker. Schlocky, right?

Suicide Squad – “Harley Quinn Scenes”