First Christmas Lights Meme Of The Season

And Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself

It’s true that we’ve not yet passed that “Black Friday” holiday milestone, but one might say that this is a dual purpose post – one to warn you that Christmas themed memes are on their way, and the other to introduce the “Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself” category.  So… Drumroll please. Just like Christmas lights Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself.


California Burnin’

California’s Green New Deal Is Going Up In Smoke

A motorist on the way to work on the 405 freeway in southern California films a raging wildfire. Multiple blazes have erupted across the region this week, forcing thousands of people to flee and smothering cities in smoke.

The Mamas & the Papas – California Dreamin’


Bernie’s ‘Cardiac Event’ Opens Door For Hillary

Hillary Clinton denies rumors that the “Triple C” Campaign Catering Company (a Chelsea Clinton Company, and subsidiary of Clinton, Inc.) has been catering Bernie Sanders’ meals since January 2017.  She further states that there is no truth to the rumor that the “Triple C” only uses lard and beef tallow to prepare it’s recipes.  “It’s just another vast Right Wing conspiracy,” she says.