Rule Z – Zombie Pancakes

Learn this skill and you’re guaranteed to be the Apocalypse’s most popular short-order Breakfast cook.

How to make Zombie Pancakes

Rule Z – There is never, ever just one zombie.



All Hail Speaker Pelosi – It’s We All Got Humped Day

I’m afraid the Mobs will be coming for your Jobs. #RepublicansResist


Portland Witch Infestation – Update

Update:  The Portland Witches announced today that there will be a major technology update for next year’s Paddleboarding event.  Spokeswitch Bella Strange said, “Our new twin engine brooms are really gonna churn up the old Willamette River next year.  Our biggest concern will be in avoiding being cited for excessive wakes in the newly designated “No Wake Zones“.

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Everybody Hates ‘Effing Bicycles


Halloween Hump Day – Woo-Hoo!!

Mike.  Mike!  MIKE!!!  What day Is IT???


Portland Witch Infestation

In addition to their real problems with Anifas, slugs, killer moss, extreme Vitamin D Deficiencies (no ‘effing sunshine), bad Municipal Governance, being spitting distance from 10 Civilization killing Volcanos, toenail fungus, Birkenstocks everywhere, and now, a major, bordering on humungus, Paddleboarding Witch Infestation.