Pumpkin Survived Halloween

But Thanksgiving?  Maybe not so much….


Awww!! That’s MY Human

My patience is limited. Wait for it. Wait for it….

New ‘Colon Cleaner’ Seeks FDA Approval For Colonoscopy Prep

Summer Fun in Homer, Alaska

Come join the Hypertrichosis Society of Homer, AK for some fun at the beach.  It’ll be a little chilly so make sure you bring your jacket, or….

Life’s Lottery Winner – Tires ‘R Us

Snoop Dogg RIP – Make America Great Again

h/t – 90 Miles

A Week’s Worth of Really Bad Mondays

USA Today’s Proposed AR-15 Mods – Heh!

Check out the AR-15’s yet untapped potential for modification – Limited only by a Liberals imagination.