Not Your Daddy’s Carnival Ride

Or he could have just maxed out his “FakeNews CNN Tolerance Threshold” and decide to bail out from the Daily 24 Hour News Cycle.

F-15 Ejection at Supersonic Speed


StreetArt – Foiling the Ninjas


Darwin’s Lawn Mower Art Project Brigade

These not so clever Jackson Pollock wannabees have demonstrated that unintended consequences can also be art.  Watch how they turn green paint, a lawn mower, and a canvas and easel into a red, fiery inferno.  As a side note, one wonders whether the lawn mower wrangler has ever regrown the hair on his uncovered extremities.


Free Range Friday


Darwin’s Candle Queen Brigade

Is that a sparkle in their eyes? Hell, no!! It’s Fire!!


Texas Pumpkin-sized Mosquito Season – It’s October Y’all