Baby Vapors – The ‘Candy Cigarette’ For 2018

Life’s Lottery Winner – Tires ‘R Us

Choke Me Elmo – Sesame Street Unchained

You know that Elmo has been waiting a long time for this. But just wait until Cookie is unleashed.

‘Spiceworms’ of Dunebucks

Of course, everyone know it’s ‘sandworms’ of Arrakis (Dune) – not Dunebucks.

‘Double-Dog Dare’ You To Grab a Window Seat

Who’s got the ‘Depends’? And the ‘Barf Bags’? And the ‘Blind-folds’? And the ‘Ear-plugs’? And the ‘Xanax’? And the ‘Jack Daniels’? And the ‘Effing Parachute? Especially the ‘Effing Parachute.

Taranda Cliff, Himachal Pradesh, India

“Scary Movie” Doppleganger

Imagine yourself on a winding two lane road, fogbound, 25 miles from nowhere and the ‘low tire pressure warning’ sounding for 2 tires, and, of course, you only have one donut spare that’s low on air. And if that’s not enough, your gas gauge is warning in it’s best ‘see, I told you so’ Google voice saying, “you have 2.2 miles until empty, dummy. You should have filled up at the 7-Eleven where you bought the bad burritos.”  And speaking of bad burritos, the cramps are coming so fast and hard that you know it’s time to make for the bushes and hope there’s no poison ivy.  When… up ahead you spot…??   Tail lights…??  Wazat…??  OMG!!  I’m in my own “Scary Movie!!”

Scary Movie 1 – Official Trailer

Kid Ventriloquist Wins “America’s Got Talent” – With A Little Help From Her Friends

12-year old ventriloquist sensation, Darci Lynne, didn’t need Joe Cocker, or the Beatles, to win this year’s America’s Got Talent. She just needed a couple of friends, Oscar and Petunia singing a duet of Joe’s rendition of “With A Little Help From My Friends”.

Magic Elixir