The AK-47 – Socialism’s Only Accomplishment

NRA ‘Salesmen Of The Year’

The Washington Post reports, “Gun control debates create gun production booms, government data show.

The data also shows episodic spikes of production and firearm sales when there’s the possibility of new federal gun-control policies. The two biggest years for gun production in recent history — 2013 and 2016 — came during intense debates about whether Democrats would be able to curb access to firearms such as the AR-15.

“Gun lovers have been convinced that their right to buy guns in general, or particular types of guns, would be taken away by the politicians and they better hurry up and get whatever guns they have considered obtaining,” said Philip Cook, professor emeritus of public policy studies at Duke University.

Native American Perspective On Gun Control

Girls With Guns – ‘Bunny Portable Missile System’ BPM136 AT4

**M136 AT4 Light Anti-Armor Weapon

Girls With Guns – 1960’s Style

I’m still trying to determine whether the ‘mass squinting’ occurring here is caused by the gunfire or ‘wardrobe malfeasance’.

“Blacken Fish – Cajun Style”, not “Blacklist”

Fair warning. The irony is strong with this one.

Liberal Lemming Gun Control Stampede

Ban This ‘A-Salt’ Weapon

Weapons Guide for the Uninformed

Michael Ramirez helps inform the uninformed about weapons statistics.