Pizza, Pizza – Gun, Gun – Target, Target

Liberal Solution To Arson

Ban Hi-capacity automatic matches. It’s obvious.  But, Liberals.  Don’t ignore the “Law of Unintended Consequences”….how are you gonna light your bongs?  Flint and steel?  Friction Bow and Stick?  Magnifying Glass?  Will all purchases of Hi-cap Automatic Matches require a Federal Background Check and a mandatory Three Day Waiting Period?  Heh.

Be Careful! Or You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

But it was really squirrels and rabbits and frogs and snakes and mail boxes and old cans and birds and never, ever the neighbor’s cat and hardly ever your little brother that needed some ‘eye protection’.

Hail!  Red Ryder.  The best gift ever.

Girls With Guns – Don’t Bring a Tire Iron To a Gunfight

Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer

.38 Special Lipstick.  The perfect gift to let your best girl know you care.

.38 Special – “Hold On Loosely”

Chimp Sniper School

Girls With Guns – Learning To Trust A Democrat

Trust through superior armaments.

USA Today’s Proposed AR-15 Mods – Heh!

Check out the AR-15’s yet untapped potential for modification – Limited only by a Liberals imagination.