What Are The Odds?

“How the gang leader ‘Barbecue’ became one of Haiti’s most powerful men…”  They say he serves up a tasty ‘long pork‘ Griyo and Soupe joumou

The Washington Post–Jimmy Chérizier, the elite police officer-turned-gang leader known as “Barbecue,” has risen through Haiti’s political vacuum to become one of the country’s most powerful men.

Chérizier — who got his nickname from his mother’s famous grilled chicken — has proved himself a savvy player of both traditional and social media and a charismatic leader who unified several of Port-au-Prince’s disparate gangs to take control of much of the city and demand embattled Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down.

He has been accused of crippling Haiti’s economy through extortion and blocking port terminals. His alleged leadership of and participation in slum massacres and violence have left him feared at home and sanctioned internationally. His gang’s most frequent victims are the poor residents and small business owners of the slums he controls.

Keep Calm, Meme On

After Twitter “X” troll, Douglass Mackey, a “Far-right influencer”, was sentenced to 7 months for a 2016 alleged voter suppression scheme, meme-masters need to pull up their (not used in any woke gender related way) big boy/girl pants and meme on… but maybe learn the use of the /sarc ‘n /snark tag, or watermark the edgy stuff “Just Kidding FBI”.

Keep Out Of Jail Watermark