Keep Calm, Meme On

After Twitter “X” troll, Douglass Mackey, a “Far-right influencer”, was sentenced to 7 months for a 2016 alleged voter suppression scheme, meme-masters need to pull up their (not used in any woke gender related way) big boy/girl pants and meme on… but maybe learn the use of the /sarc ‘n /snark tag, or watermark the edgy stuff “Just Kidding FBI”.

Keep Out Of Jail Watermark Parody

Join the Woke Mob! Hilarious Infomercial Skit by Uncle Jimmy

Why is Uncle Jimmy telling us to D.I.E.? How can you help Make America Racist Again? What do George Soros, Joseph Rosenbaum and Colin Kaepernick all have in common? They’re all part of “Dr. Van Joan’s” pitch for you to pay only $6.66 to become part of the Alphabet Mafia. Check out the latest parody from the “Fearless” team! Jason Whitlock

**/sarc ‘n /snark